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Favorite teachers
Anybody got a favorite teacher, and wanna tell us why?

I liked Mr. Harraughty, the Science/Biology teacher, because he was so easy-going.

Profile picture DEREK MOORE Re: Favorite teachers
i tell you who was one COOL teacher was MR. teacher... he was great! he was easy to get along with ...knew the system...and let his students "be free" in the system..... he liked rock n roll to..and knew a lot about the sixties.......! i still see him from time to time..he is the same cool person..and never forgot me!

Profile picture Alison Rich Caponetto Re: Favorite teachers
I loved all my teachers - Especially Mrs. Barnes, Mr. Gould, Mr. Lockard and Mr. Ford. They were so dedicated and taught me so much. I owe a lot to them. I wish I could tell them how much they meant to me.
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Hey Jeff! Good to hear from you. I'd have to say Mr. Gould was up there. The dude cracked me up. He wrote a book "loosely based" on his years of teaching at East. You can buy it at Amazon. Just type in Rick Gould. Sorry for the shameless plug, I earned zero royalties or commissions for this endorsement.
Profile picture D melissa Comley Re: Favorite teachers
I liked Mr.Farrell my English teacher. He loved Pop Music ,the Beattles, and Janis Joplins"Me n Bobby Mgee" He was easy going , smart and funny.
Mr.Farrell renewed my interest in the classic novels.
Melissa Comley Sanders
Profile picture D.Melissa Sanders Re: Favorite teachers

kissiemissy wrote:

"I liked Mr.Farrell my English teacher. He loved Pop Music ,the Beattles, and Janis Joplins"Me n Bobby Mgee" He was easy going , smart and funny. Mr.Farrell renewed my interest in the classic novels. Melissa Comley Sanders"
Hi I also liked Chuck Crawford the Art Teacher.
The login name kissiemissy was a joke. I really go by
Melissa since, oh the 7th grade, sorry about that.

"Melissa" Comley Sanders
Profile picture Christy L'Esperance (Frank) Re: Favorite teachers
When I think of several teachers, I'm overcome with a wave of guilt for entertaining myself at their individual and collective expense. (Not regret - just guilt.) So, sorry Mr. Ford, Mr. Harraughty, Mrs. Taylor, and Mrs. S. - the creative writing teacher. Oh, sorry also to Mr. Liefblat. Send the therapy bills to me. Mr. Royers, Mrs. Faye, Mr. Carr - no hard feelings, I hope. Please accept my apologies Mr. Stigmeier (now an administrator at SMSouth - where all six of my kids are headed). Please show them mercy. (Pictured is Violet, class of 2023.) I apologize Herr Nagel, but you still have my German pop music cassette tape. I want it back.
Hey Jeff, remember when Mr. Harraughty let me interview him on tape as if he were doing experiments on students and hamsters in his storage closet? You and Mark Hanson did a fine job as rodent boys sniffing the woodchips.
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Profile picture John _ Re: Favorite teachers
Hey Jeff, good to see you're still kicking...

I have to say Mr. Runyan (I think that was his name).. the math teacher. I think it was because he was entertaining, but he also had a knack for making you want to work hard... and he was fair.
Profile picture Liz Rosenberg Re: Favorite teachers
Mr. Debarthe - where else can you learn that Science and Religion are both theories that require beliefs. Does anyone remember the way that he explained how we process the world? something about reactionary thinking moving on to the ultimate which was something about synergy. I think I'm a notch above reactionary at this point. He was the only teacher I ever had the conected school and studying outside of school . My other faves have already been mentioned. Like Christy, I was not the best behaved student - (Hey Christy) I have no regrets about heckling my social studies teachers who presented the Native American masacres as a necessary step in American progress. Then there was Mr. Brown - the "debate" teacher. Now that was an interesting "class." I'd also like to say that not wearing socks or refusing to take off tights in Gym should not warrant a D! Other than my smelly feet, I was the model physical education student. What was that Gym teacher's name? The trauma has blocked it from my memory. Jeff rocks!
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