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Survived a major head injury, moved to arizona, graduated from college, got married, had a son-Noah, divorced, got my masters in elementary education, teach 1st grade. very happy. Miss Johnson County...
Last Post: May 25th 2007
Author: kcricker
# of posts: 1
There's no place like home...or is there?
I wonder who lives farthest from home? Post on this thread if you think you might.

I live in Los Angeles...anybody else out here?
Last Post: Feb 27th 2007
Author: jeffhopkins
# of posts: 9
When I grow up I want to be...
Who's doing the job they thought they would in High School?

Who's doing something totally different and loving it?

Who's making a change, mid-career to do something...
Last Post: Oct 16th 2006
Author: jeffhopkins
# of posts: 2
Anybody got kids at East?
Or at KU for that matter?
Last Post: Oct 11th 2006
Author: jeffhopkins
# of posts: 1
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