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Favorite teachers
Anybody got a favorite teacher, and wanna tell us why?

I liked Mr. Harraughty, the Science/Biology teacher, because he was so easy-going.

Last Post: Jun 14th 2007
Author: jeffhopkins
# of posts: 9
the media and the peace sign
who could forget that?? i remember i came to school..and channel nine news was standing out front ..and a news reporter asked me if i knew what the peace sign looked like...and stood for??...i said...
Last Post: Apr 29th 2007
Author: dmtcb
# of posts: 3
Oldest Memorabilia
Who has the oldest memorabilia from high school or even clear back to grade school?

(I found an old East ID and I still have the poster we received at graduation in memory of Lisa...
Last Post: Apr 12th 2007
Author: jmathes
# of posts: 4
letter jacket!!! class of 87! DEREK MOORE!
hey..i forgot to mention..that i work in the CHARITY AUCTION in KC..(MAVERICK CHARITY AUCTIONS) fact ..some of my fellow lancers have been seen at these auctions.. ~~ tom...
Last Post: Oct 30th 2006
Author: dmtcb
# of posts: 1
The Senior Slum
Remember our hall decoration theme? We filled the floor with junk, as I recall.

Anybody remember our class theme for Lancer Day? What was it?
Last Post: Oct 20th 2006
Author: jeffhopkins
# of posts: 3
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